The passport(s) should be valid for at least 60 days beyond the validity of the visa. One (1) copy of the passport biodata page for each applicant, including. General Travel Advice. All Irish passport holders are required to hold a visa before travelling to Vietnam. Irish visitors travelling to Vietnam can apply for. The Consulate faciliatate expedited processing of all consular services, including: Visa, Visa Exemption, Passport,evisa. Cho Ray hospital accepts fees in Vietnamese Dong only. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) accepts fees in Vietnam Dong or U.S. dollars. For authority/organization in Vietnam applying for E-visa for foreigners. Before applying for E-visa for foreigners, inviting/guaranteeing.

Citizens of Vietnam and Lao PDR must apply for a visitor's visa. Holders of diplomatic passports from Laos do not need a visa to visit Norway. The Norwegian. 1. A visa application submitted to the Vietnamese Mission abroad shall include the following documents: • 01 Application form (in provided format) with an. E-visa: U.S. citizens can apply online for an E-visa on the Vietnam Immigration website. The E-visa is valid for a maximum of 90 days, single or multiple entry. Generally, Singapore Passport Holders do not require a visa to enter Vietnam and can remain up to 30 days per entry. Please note that the approval for entry. Immigrant visas to the United States are processed for citizens and residents of Vietnam at the U.S. Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City. A U.S. citizen or. To get a Vietnam visa, US citizens must have a passport that is valid for six months after their Vietnam arrival date. Also, know that American travellers can. For outside Vietnam Foreigners personally applying for E-visa · - $25/single-entry electronic visa · - $50/multiple-entry electronic visa. * New Exchange Rate: The U.S. Mission in Vietnam will change its consular exchange rate from US$1=25,VND to US$1=26,VND effective April 10, All visa. If you have a valid Canadian passport, you may be eligible to apply online for an e-visa. This can be a single-entry or multiple-entry electronic tourist visa.

Die Botschaft der Sozialistischen Republik Vietnam in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1. A visa is required to enter Vietnam unless it is exempted. - their. Vietnamese visa is a kind of travel documents granted by Vietnamese competent authorities, providing permission to travel to and enter Vietnam. An electronic. Proof of residence location and length of time applicant has resided in Vietnam, such as the household registry book (Ho Khau), the temporary residence. You must have a visa for longer stays or if you're entering Vietnam for other reasons. Applying for a visa or e-visa. Tourists staying more than 45 days can. I. To apply for a visa to come to Vietnam, you have the following options: 1. APPLY AT THE EMBASSY (STANDARD VISA). a) Apply in-person at the Embassy;. The Visa Application Centre in Vietnam accepts Schengen visa applications from legal residents of Vietnam only (Vietnamese citizens, Vietnamese registration. Confirm and pay. Vietnam visa fees are quite reasonable. For the visa approval letter, you pay a fee online, $17 and up, depending on the type of visa and how. E-visa is one of visa types issued to foreigners by the Immigration Department of Viet Nam via electronic system. The E- visa is valid for maximum of 90 days. Most visitors to Việt Nam need a visa to enter the country. Visas are exempted for the citizens of the countries, which have signed a bilateral or.

The processing of the application takes up to 15 working days. The Embassy / the Consulate General of Germany in Vietnam may request further documentation. I. To apply for a visa to come to Vietnam, you have the following options: 1. APPLY AT THE EMBASSY (STANDARD VISA). For you best convenience in applying. Visa Application Documents (download) · Visa application form · English (PDF) Open a New Window · Letter of guarantee (PDF) Open a New Window · Letter of Invitation. Processing of the application will start from the date of submission at the Consulate and not from the date of its entry online. Validity of visa starts from. Submit your visa application for France in Vietnam · Short-stay visa (less than 90 days): between 3 weeks and 6 months before the trip; · Long-stay visa (more.

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